Press Release

Celebrating 14,000 Hours of Service to the Community
Executive Director Adriel Chan Encourages Volunteers to Serve
(Hong Kong, February 7, 2016) Over the past year, “Hang Lung As One” volunteer team organized over 100 volunteer activities in Hong Kong and mainland China, totaling some 14,000 hours of service to the communities. Hang Lung held a ceremony yesterday (February 6) in recognition of the Company’s outstanding volunteers. In addition to the presence of Executive Director Mr. Adriel Chan, Independent Non-Executive Director Ms. Anita Fung, and Director (Leasing & Sales) Mr. Norman Chan, senior management members also showed their support.

Mr. Adriel Chan, Executive Director, who has accompanied children from underprivileged backgrounds in an art jamming activity, said, “I sincerely thank all volunteers for their participation in social service. Every one of them has been diligent at work and has selflessly contributed their own time for the good of the community. Our properties are intricately related to the community while our volunteer team also engage with the community through a wide range of projects to enhance the fabric of the society. In the coming year, I hope to participate in more of the volunteer activities and to work with my colleagues in promoting voluntary work.”

Ms. Anita Fung, who has taken on the role of a docent in the Architectural Tour Program, said, “Last year, I fulfilled my long-time wish to be a docent through Hang Lung’s volunteer program while at the same time having the opportunity to meet different colleagues. The activities organized by the volunteer team are very creative and well-planned, such as the Cultural Heritage Series and Architectural Tour Program, which allow volunteers to acquire new knowledge and skills while serving the community at the same time.”

Also present at the ceremony were special guests, artists Mr. Fred Cheng and Mr. Hoffman Cheng, who shared how they inject positive energy into the community through their music.

The “Hang Lung As One” volunteer team has promoted youth development, environmental protection, and service of the elderly. Last year, they organized a number of new themed activities, such as:
  • The Architectural Tour Program: volunteers were trained as docents for walking tours around Hong Kong to understand the characteristics of local architecture. Since the series launched in 2014, over 240 students have benefitted from the tours while more than 140 volunteer docents have been trained.
  • The Cultural Heritage Series: volunteers with students from underprivileged backgrounds learned about traditional arts, crafts, and customs including the Cantonese Opera, the Fire Dragon Dance, Moveable Type Printing, and the Bamboo Theatre. Over 100 primary school students participated in the Series which helped them appreciate the importance of preserving our unique cultural heritage.
  • The “Be An Arty Youth” Series: volunteers accompanied elderly people to experience the lifestyle of arty youths. Since the series was launched in 2015, over 200 elderly people from underprivileged backgrounds enjoyed their taste of popular activities including tea brewing, coffee art, picnicking, art jamming and crafting leather accessories that engage today’s youngsters.
  • The Hang Lung Mathematics Tutorial Classes: volunteers undertook the role of tutors over the weekends to help underprivileged children to improve their understanding of mathematics and stimulate their interest in the subject through games and other activities.
In the coming year, the “Hang Lung As One” volunteer team will use Shaping The Future as the theme to continue to build bonds of care with people in the community.
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    Mr. Adriel Chan (back row, 2nd from right), Executive Director, Ms. Anita Fung (back row, middle), Independent Non-Executive Director, and Mr. Norman Chan, Director (Leasing & Sales) (back row, 2nd from left) of Hang Lung Properties present certificates to the five Hang Lung volunteers with the most service hours last year: Mr. Kaw Kin Man, Senior Guest Service Associate (back row, 1st from left); Ms. Joyce Kwong, Senior Office (Chairman's Office) (front row, right); Ms. Pauline Yuen, Assistant Manager (Finance) (front row, middle); Mr. Stephen Wong, Senior Manager (Leasing & Management) (front row, left), and Mr. Kelvin Shi, Office Assistant (back row, 1st from right).
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    Artists Fred Cheng and Hoffman Cheng, give an amazing performance to the Hang Lung volunteers and also share how they use music to inject positive energy into the community while encouraging the volunteers to continue serving the community.
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    In 2016, the “Hang Lung As One” volunteer teams organized over 100 volunteer activities in Hong Kong and mainland China involving members of the Hang Lung family from operations staff to top management, including members of the Board of Directors in providing 14,000 hours of service to the community.