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Decathlon Makes its Debut at Grand Plaza
French Mega Sports Retailer Opens Its First Hong Kong Store
(Hong Kong, August 1, 2017) World-renowned French sporting goods store, Decathlon, is opening its first Hong Kong flagship store at Grand Plaza, Mongkok. This one-stop outpost gave a trial run of its operations today to prepare for its grand opening tomorrow. Offering some 70 types of sporting essentials, this Decathlon flagship store is set to become the hottest destination in town for sports enthusiasts of all ages.

To highlight the truly unique flagship shopping experience awaiting customers across Hang Lung’s Mongkok portfolio of properties, the “Where Trends Meet” program has focused on unleashing the potential of the leading brands that have made their home at Grand Plaza, Gala Place, Park-In Commercial Centre and Hollywood Plaza. “Hang Lung Properties is honored to welcome Decathlon into our family in its bid to add Hong Kong to its retail network spanning more than 30 countries,” said Mr. Norman Chan, Executive Director of Hang Lung Properties. “The world-famous French brand has chosen Grand Plaza with its high footfall and dynamic tenant mix as home to its first-ever Hong Kong flagship store. This addition brings a new attraction to the retail landscape of Grand Plaza while boosting its competitiveness as a shopping hot spot in the district.”

The new store occupies a total area of over 25,000 square feet, making it the largest single-story sporting goods store in Hong Kong. Offering up to 70 types of sports equipment and clothing for amateur and professional athletes of all ages, the Decathlon Grand Plaza flagship store features a kaleidoscope of merchandise for various activities from general sports and outdoor activities to specialized sports, including equestrian, snorkeling, surfing, hiking and camping, paddling, cycling, and more. The store boasts multiple areas for customers to try out different equipment, like gadgets for camping, rock climbing, different ball games, fitness, boxing, skateboarding, and roller skating, among others, allowing customers to get a real feel for the equipment before making a purchase. Customers can also access additional product details by scanning the barcode at one of the smart shopping screens in the store for a more informed shopping experience. Another highlight of the Grand Plaza flagship is the first-ever “Decathlon Community” which provides expert sporting information and organizes free activities to promote a physical recreation and sports as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to Decathlon, Grand Plaza also sees the recent inauguration of Goji Studios, a 35,000-square-foot fitness and wellness center offering professional workout coaching, nutrition consultation, and dietary guidance under one roof, as part of the mall’s sport-inspired concept to cater to health-conscious customers. Together with an enticing lineup of international brands and popular eateries, as well as pop-up stores next to Gala Place, retail properties in Mongkok under the Hang Lung brand will continue to be the epicenter “Where Trends Meet” and bring a quality and diverse shopping and leisure experience to all.
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    Mr. Marc Zielinski (6th from left), Country Leader of Decathlon, leads Hang Lung executives for a preview of the brand’s first Hong Kong flagship store at Grand Plaza: Mr. Philip Chen (5th from right), Chief Executive Officer, Mr. H.C. Ho (4th from left), Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Norman Chan (5th from left), Executive Director, Mr. Dane Cheng (4th from right), Executive Director, and Mr. C.F. Kwan (3rd from right), Director – Corporate Communications & Investor Relations.
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    Ms. Bella Chhoa (2nd from right), Director – Leasing & Management, and Mr. Victor Ng (1st from left), General Manager – Leasing & Management of Hang Lung Properties, join Mr. Marc Zielinski (2nd from left), Country Leader of Decathlon and Ms. Tancy Wong (middle), Expansion and Development Manager of Decathlon to officiate at the toasting ceremony at the VIP Party held at the flagship store at Grand Plaza.
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    Decathlon’s first Hong Kong flagship store at Grand Plaza will become the newest hot spot for sports lovers and health-conscious customers.