Press Release

Hang Lung Emerald Award Recognizes Commitment to Service Excellence
(Hong Kong, August 8, 2017) Hang Lung Properties today presents its Emerald Award to six frontline staff members who each demonstrated extraordinary excellence in customer service, in pursuit of the Company' s“Go the Extra Mile" spirit.

Now in its third year, the Hang Lung Emerald Award aims to recognize the efforts of frontline staff members who pursue service excellence with heartfelt conviction, one of the essential elements of Hang Lung' s corporate culture.

Mr. Philip Chen, Chief Executive Officer of Hang Lung Properties said, “The Company views customer service as the very heart of its operations throughout the portfolio, from leasing to operational strategies, which enhances our corporate culture and provides momentum for our business to grow. The Emerald Award was launched to inspire frontline staff and reinforce Hang Lung' s longstanding focus on service excellence as well as to establish the award as an outstanding icon of the value the Company places on recognition of our team' s contributions on service provision.”

Hailing from Amoy Plaza and The Peak Galleria in Hong Kong, Palace 66 in Shenyang, Parc 66 in Jinan, and Olympia 66 in Dalian, the six winners work in different roles from Cashier and Concierge, to Building Assistant and Guest Service Supervisor. The five winning cases included, among others, the search for a sick elderly resident who is living alone; the saving of a baby who was left in a car; and the quick thinking that saved the finger of a shop assistant injured in an accident.

In addition to receiving a certificate and the platinum Emerald Pin set with an emerald, each winner will also take part in a four-day exchange tour of service excellence, during which they will have the opportunity to find out more about how customer service works in other service industry sectors.

A judging panel comprising senior management members is responsible for selecting the award winners based on the merits of individual cases including the initiative demonstrated, the sense of accountability, problem-solving skills, creativity, and uniqueness. For 2016-17, the judging panel selected five winning cases from over 220 nominations from across Hang Lung’s portfolio in Hong Kong and Mainland. The Emerald Award is a widely recognized staff incentive program with multiple international and industry honors under its belt, including the Astrid Awards 2016, Mercury Awards 2015-16, and Spotlight Awards 2015, to name a few. 
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    Hang Lung Properties’ senior executives pose with winners of the Emerald Award 2017: Mr. Philip Chen (4th from right), Chief Executive Officer; Mr. H.C. Ho (4th from left), Chief Financial Officer; Mr. Adriel Chan (3rd from right), Executive Director; Mr. Norman Chan (3rd from left), Executive Director; Mr. Dane Cheng (2nd from right), Executive Director; Ms. Bella Chhoa (2nd from left), Director – Leasing & Management; Mr. C. F. Kwan (1st from right), Director – Corporate Communications & Investor Relations; and Ms. Janet Poon (1st from left), General Manager – Human Resources.
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    Winners of the Emerald Award 2017 (from left): Olympia 66, Dalian – Ms. Amy Li; Parc 66, Jinan – Ms. Liang Tian; Amoy Gardens, Hong Kong – Mr. Ng Kam Fai; The Peak Galleria, Hong Kong – Mr. Simon Lee and Mr. Hui Ching Yiu; Palace 66, Shenyang – Ms. Zhao Li attend the presentation ceremony and share their insights into customer service.