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Amoy Plaza X TinBot “Toys Reborn”
Experience the Joy of Giving New Life to Toys This Easter
(Hong Kong, March 8, 2018) This Easter at Amoy Plaza, an exciting collaboration with TinBot™ is bringing the fantasy world of tin box robots to life with the “Toys Reborn” extravaganza from March 9 to April 2. Home to a bustling toy factory, a four-meter-high TinBot™ will be standing guard over his tiny robot friends at the Atrium of Amoy Plaza. TinBot™ will also be collaborating with selected shops to bring shoppers a taste of childhood joy with their small boxes of delight. Social enterprise, Anew Toys, has also been invited to show how to give new life to old, much-loved toys. Through their Old Toys Revival Fun Day and a series of workshops on how to “recycle” and “rebirth” old toys, visitors will get the chance to learn how to refurbish their own toys that have been loved into disrepair. “New Dad” Lokyi Lai, also joined today’s kick off ceremony and shared some precious moments and the fun he had with his baby boy when playing toys.

TinBot™ is inspired by classic metal robots and creates tiny tin box robot figures containing magnetic robot components which can be used to create different poses and have been the childhood toys of many people. Amoy Plaza is thrilled to be hosting not only a range of these tiny robotic characters but also one gigantic four-meter-tall TinBot™ towering over the mechanical toy kingdom in the mall’s Atrium and creating fabulous photo opportunities for kids of all ages and their families. As visitors explore the toy factory, they will discover a whole host of fun activities including the “Reborn to Dance” interactive game, which will challenge them to a dance-off battle with an animated robot. In keeping with the retro theme, shoppers can also participate in classic games such as tic-tac-toe or have a go on the metal roller slide and a teeter-totter. Whether it’s reliving childhood memories or creating new ones, there is something for everyone in this fantasy toy land!

Beyond the Atrium, the tiny toy robot fun continues with TinBot™ partnerships with selected shops throughout Amoy Plaza, introducing a series of limited edition TinBot™ robots. The first exclusively-designed TinBot™, the “Match Box TinBot™” will be introduced in collaboration with Café Match Box. The robot comes in a delightful, traditional Hong Kong-style delivery boy design with classic match box packaging that will surely capture the heart of every toy collector! This, and other limited edition TinBot™ can be redeemed by shoppers spending HK$800 or more at Amoy Plaza.

Anew Toys will host their fun days on March 30 and April 2, aiming to promote toy sharing and recycling concepts through games and an engaging “Toy Crossing” activity. Customers can create their own motor robot by joining the “STEM Toys Workshop” on designated dates, with a single receipt for spending of HK$300 or more at Amoy Plaza and a “Like” of Amoy Plaza’s Facebook page. Many second-life toys will be exhibited at Atrium during the campaign period.

Besides giving new life to toys, clothes deserve a second chance too! You can wear old clothes in different ways and styles. During the campaign, second-hand shop – a beak 93 – will display an array of second-hand goodies at the Atrium, showcasing second-hand treasures that deserve a new lease on life.
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    Hang Lung Properties’ Director – Leasing & Management Ms. Bella Chhoa (3rd from left), General Manager – Leasing & Management Ms. Helen Lau (3rd from right), Senior Manager – Leasing & Management Ms. Michelle Chang (1st from left), “New Dad” Mr. Lokyi Lai (middle), Founder of TinBot™ Mr. Lock Lai (2nd from right), Founder of a break 93 Ms. Yen Fu (2nd from left), and Founder of Anews Toys Mr. Paul Lai (1st from right) officiate at the kick off ceremony for the “Toys Reborn” Easter Campaign at Amoy Plaza.
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    Amoy Plaza is thrilled to collaborate with local toy brand TinBot™ turning Amoy Plaza into a giant toy factory with a four-meter-high TinBot™.
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    “Match Box TinBot™” is part of the TinBot™ special edition collection, in collaboration with Café Match Box. The traditional HK-style food delivery boy design comes with old-school match box packaging.
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    Customers can create their own recycling motor robot by joining the “STEM Toys Workshop” on designated dates with a single receipt for spending of HK$300 or more at Amoy Plaza and a “Like” of Amoy Plaza’s Facebook page.

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