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Dialogue with World-Class Construction Team to Unravel Kunming’s Unique DNA
(Hong Kong, August 23, 2018) Spring City 66, Hang Lung Properties’ commercial complex in Kunming, Yunnan Province, today organized a briefing with the theme “Dialogue with World-Class Architects”, inviting its world-renowned construction team to Kunming to introduce the people-oriented architectural design of Spring City 66 as well as the spirit of the project’s interior design and environmental engineering.

The eminent construction team for Spring City 66 includes Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF), a renowned architectural firm which is the architect of the project and the interior designer for the office tower; Concept i, an internationally acclaimed studio responsible for the interior design of the mall; and J. Roger Preston Limited (JRP), a leading consultant in the Southeast Asia region overseeing the electrical and mechanical design of the project.

Mr. Adrian Lo, Director – Project Management of Hang Lung Properties said, “Hang Lung has worked closely with the construction team to create an avant-garde concept at Spring City 66, utilizing different technologies throughout the process. From its design and use of materials to its operations, Spring City 66 exudes Kunming’s unique DNA and culture, and has fully integrated important sustainability features to position the project to become one of Kunming’s most striking landmarks upon completion. I believe that not only will Spring City 66 bring the best brands to the city, showcased in the most impressive environment, it will also take up an important role to present the best of Yunnan to the world.”

Hang Lung Properties acquired this prime plot of land in 2011, marking the Company’s first entry into the southwest region of mainland China. Meticulously designed and executed, the mall is expected to open in mid-2019.

Known as the "Spring City", Kunming is famed for its pleasant climate and captivating scenery. The project has incorporated these features into its design to showcase the very best of the city’s charm. The architectural firm KPF has used “Spring comes to Life” as its design theme and incorporated undulating layers into the structure to evoke the mountainous terrain that surrounds Kunming. The "interlocking roof form", the highly visible green elements and outdoor leisure spaces flawlessly harmonize the design with the city and its lifestyle. The color palette of the materials used for the exterior wall was chosen to echo the natural stone hues for which the Kunming landscape is famed. The interior design, rooftop garden, al fresco terrace, green landscaping, and associated facilities take their cue from customer desires for a shopping environment that is modern and convenient to move around while at the same time evoking feelings of serenity, and is reflective of Hang Lung’s customer-centric sensitivity to curating the best possible customer experience.

The beauty of nature is not only a characteristic of the project’s exterior but has also been brought into the interior spaces. Design studio, Concept i, was inspired by nature in their design palette of natural materials, the warm and fresh green tones of decorative fittings, and the extensive use of glass to introduce more natural light, bringing the “City of Eternal Spring” indoors for shoppers to bask in. The central zone of the mall employs 80,000 square meters of Grade A natural stone in its design, sufficient to pave-over 11 football pitches. And in addition to the glorious sunlight, over 19,000 LED lighting strips illuminate the interior features, stretching to four times the length of the Kunming Changshui International Airport runway.

Hang Lung has long upheld the “Build to Own and Build to Last” business model. While focusing on aesthetic features, the Company also considers the impact that its projects have on the surrounding environment. Hang Lung has committed itself in all its projects to the highest standards of environmental sustainability, and the project’s electrical and mechanical consultant, JRP, has incorporated a number of environmentally friendly and sustainable elements, including the E2 Design (Energy Saving & Environmentally Friendly Design) which maximizes efficiency in the usage of electricity and water, ensures optimum indoor air quality levels, and exceeds the design requirements for Grade A office towers and world-class shopping malls in terms of efficient energy consumption. Furthermore, as Kunming is situated in an area of seismic activity, over 2,000 shock absorbers have been installed within the structure to ensure the safety of the visitors and staff. Hang Lung’s extensive efforts in building with sustainability in mind have been recognized at Spring City 66 with the award of the "Precertification under Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Core and Shell Development – Gold Level" issued by the U.S. Green Building Council in 2013.

The construction work at Spring City 66 is progressing at full speed. The mixed-use development has a total gross floor area of 432,000 square meters, comprising a world-class shopping mall of 156,700 square meters, a 63-story Grade A office tower with a total gross floor area of 177,600 square meters, serviced apartments, and 2,000 car parking spaces. The mall is expected to open in mid-2019.
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    Mr. Adrian Lo (3rd from right), Director – Project Management of Hang Lung Properties; Mr. Peter Gross (4th from left), Principal of KPF and Ms. Lau Yee Tak (3rd from left), Senior Associate Principal of KPF; Mr. Richard Wood (2nd from right), Director of Concept i and Mr. Wang Qi (1st from right), Managing Director, China of Concept i; Mr. Joseph Leung (2nd from left), Director of JRP and Mr. Kelvin Chan (1st from left), Project Manager of JRP, share insights into the design concept of Spring City 66 and progress at the project with members of the media.
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    Built by a world-renowned construction team, the mall of Spring City 66 is expected to be open in mid-2019 and is poised to become Kunming’s most striking landmark.

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