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Hang Lung Recognizes Staff Volunteers’ Effort to Give Back to Society Underprivileged Students Learn Math with IT Experts while Architects Groom Future Talents
(February 18, 2019, Hong Kong) In appreciation of the concerted efforts by members of the Hang Lung As One volunteering team who contributed over 13,000 service hours in Hong Kong and Mainland cities last year, a recognition ceremony was held last Friday (February 15).

“Hang Lung encourages all employees to give back to society by making use of their professional expertise and personal interests, which enable them to not only showcase their talents, but also better serve the community,” Mr. Weber Lo, CEO of Hang Lung Properties said. “Thanks to the enthusiastic support of 1,000-plus colleagues, more than 100 community-based activities are organized every year in Hong Kong and various cities in mainland China since the inception of our volunteering team in 2012, confirming Hang Lung’s continuous commitment to society.”

Wearing the hat of tutor in Hang Lung Fun Math Tutorial Classes since 2015 is Patrick Siu, Analyst Programmer, who has contributed over 150 service hours to the math classes for underprivileged students in the past 3 years. His staunch dedication last year, which amounted to 138 service hours, earned him his first “Top Volunteer” title. He said, “In my professional capacity, I am tasked with problem solving using analysis tools and programs. The skills involved are very much the same as those used to tackle math problems. These tutorial classes are a rewarding experience as I can utilize my talents to help those in need.”

The first Hang Lung Young Architects Program spanning 2017 and 2018 was an initiative aimed at grooming future architects through talks, workshops, guided tours and the Architectural Tour Design Competition, designed for secondary students to delve into the relationship between architecture and the community. Development & Design Manager Godfrey Chan, one of the participating architects, joined both the design competition judging panel and the guided tour to Singapore, where he shared knowledge with the winning teams in the field trip to green buildings. Chan feels content that his role as an architect is given more than just a professional title, as he also passed on architectural knowledge to the next generation through this meaningful program.

This year, the Hang Lung As one volunteering team will continue to build on the Shaping the Future theme in three scopes, namely youth development, environmental protection, and elderly services. These include the second edition of Hang Lung Young Architects Program, scheduled to kick off in second half of 2019; home visits and activities for the elderly; and educational activities to promote air quality awareness in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
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    Hang Lung CEO Mr. Weber Lo (right) presents certificate of appreciation to Patrick Siu (left), Analyst Programmer with the highest volunteering service hours last year.
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    Last year, the Hang Lung As One volunteering team organized more than 110 community activities in Hong Kong and mainland China, totaling over 13,000 service hours.
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    Contributing 138 service hours in 2018, Analyst Programmer Patrick Siu is crowned the “Top Volunteer” of the year. He has been a tutor of Hang Lung Fun Math Tutorial Classes for underprivileged students since 2015.
  • Hang Lung’s architect Godfrey Chan (center) participates in Hang Lung Young Architects Program as both a judge in the Architectural Tour Design Competition and a guide in the trip to Singapore which takes the winning teams on a tour to local green buildings as part of an educational experience.

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