Hang Lung has implemented various policies to embed sustainability in our business operations and value chain.

Environmental Policy

Hang Lung is committed to protecting the environment by building and operating properties sustainably. This Policy aims to put into practice our commitment to environmental sustainability and provide guidance to our staff on undertaking activities in an environmentally responsible manner.  This Policy applies to Hang Lung Group Limited and its subsidiaries, including Hang Lung Properties Limited. This Policy is also applicable to all stages of our building life cycle from planning, design, material acquisition, construction, operation, renovation to demolition. All operations of Hang Lung have the responsibility to integrate this Policy into their work processes. 

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Code of Conduct for Contractors

Hang Lung’s Code of Conduct for Contractors sets out the basic standard of conduct expected from the company and the company’s policies when dealing with business. We regard honesty, integrity and fair play as our core values that must be upheld at all times. Suppliers are required to comply with these guidelines when doing business with the company. Suppliers should ensure communication with their employees for compliance with the Code.

The Code focuses on the areas including compliance with laws and regulations, conducting business ethically, care for employees, responsibility to the communities, and ethical use of information.

Hang Lung Properties Green Finance Framework

Hang Lung Properties Green Finance Framework (the "Framework") was established in alignment with the recommendations set out by relevant international guidelines, including 2018 Green Bond Principles and 2018 Green Loan Principles of the International Capital Market Association. The Framework enables us to raise fund to finance projects that will deliver environmental benefits to support our business strategy as well as our long-term vision in achieving sustainability leadership.

A Second-Party Opinion was obtained for the Framework from Sustainalytics, an independent environmental, social and governance research, ratings and analysis firm.

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