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Carmen Law
Carmen Law Senior Manager - Customer Innovation

Carmen Law

Senior Manager - Customer Innovation, Service Delivery Department
Management Trainee Program 2006 Intake
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University, USA

Hang Lung Management Trainee Program offers me excellent exposure in business operations and develops my leadership to be the successor of an entrepreneur. All these exposures equip me to be an all-round leader and result in an accelerated career path.

I joined Hang Lung Properties a decade ago. Many people are curious about my loyalty – something uncommon for my generation. A healthy continuity with exposure to a variety of roles allows me to assimilate knowledge and gain a holistic view of the industry. This is made possible thanks to Hang Lung’s Management Trainee Program.

My journey started at Investor Relations Department. I gained a macro perspective of the property market through interactions with investors and market research. I was fortunate enough to participate in conferences and overseas roadshows with Senior Management, and met with institutional investors from around the world.

Understanding the market is a good start, but I didn’t stop there. I yearned to join the frontline in Mainland China, and experience the excitement of the flourishing market first-hand. With the support from the Program, I joined Project Construction Department and took part in building Riverside 66, a world-class mall in Tianjin. Switching from the number-crunching world to a vastly technical environment was not a walk in the park. Despite the challenges, things I learned through collaboration with contractors, consultants and internal departments, liaison with the government and overall project management were profoundly rewarding. I witnessed the site evolving from a gigantic hole to a majestic, glittery piece of art – that sense of achievement was beyond description.

Upon the successful opening of Riverside 66, I was ready for another challenge. Through the Program, I made another drastic switch into Property Sales Department. Working closely with Senior Management, I am responsible for sales and marketing of a Hong Kong residential development. My knowledge in construction enforces my belief in building design and quality, while my Investor Relations exposure helps me strategize sales launches that align with the company’s long-term vision.

If you have a passion for the property industry, and are keen to explore a broad spectrum of functions, Hang Lung’s Management Trainee Program is your right choice!

Carmen Law
Nicholas Poon
Nicholas Poon Deputy General Manager

Nicholas Poon

Deputy General Manager, Leasing & Management Department
Management Trainee Program 2010 Intake
Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Brown University, USA

Hang Lung is a growing company that offers abundant opportunities for driven and talented people. The Management Trainee Program is a testament to the company’s investment in future leaders, and it also lays the foundation for my career growth.

As a Management Trainee, I worked in core business units and support functions in Hong Kong and Mainland China projects. Each department attachment gave me insights about the property industry and Hang Lung’s own culture. Through the attachments, I also worked with senior executives and learned how the company worked together as a team.

After the Program, I joined Leasing and Management and worked in the Business Planning team. I worked with business analysts and supported management teams to implement business strategies. Afterwards I worked in Tianjin for Riverside 66’s Service Delivery team, and I am proud to take part in the grand opening preparations last year. Working in Mainland China projects has been a tremendous experience that I will forever cherish.

Nicholas Poon
Noreen Wong
Noreen Wong Assistant Manager - Central Leasing

Noreen Wong

Assistant Manager - Central Leasing, Leasing and Management Department
Management Trainee Program 2015 Intake
Bachelor of Arts in English Studies from The University of Hong Kong

Hang Lung’s Management Trainee Program has given me a front-row seat to the dynamic Chinese market. The incredible support we receive from Senior Management has enriched the experience and made our journey all the more rewarding.

What peaked my interest in the Management Trainee Program of Hang Lung Properties is its structural and comprehensive rotation scheme that allows for a dimensioned view of the property industry. We are exposed to an array of business functions, from core components like Project Construction and Leasing and Management, to support functions like Finance and Human Resources. The Management Trainee Program engages us in different stages of the production line and helps us understand the symbiotic relationship between departments. I believe this panoramic view is precisely what constitutes a solid basis for successful management personnel. Beyond the systematic attachment rotation, it is also the Program’s promise to Mainland China exposure that appeals to me. Not only does this strengthen our understanding of the vigorous China market on a macro level, but the opportunity to go to different cities also helps us recognize the idiosyncrasies of individual cities.

Upon joining the company, it became apparent to me that the company is nurturing and generous in providing space for development and growth. In addition to job rotation and Mainland China attachment, Management Trainees are given the chance to claim ownership of the projects assigned. Our lack of experience does not entitle us to the backseat. Instead, a lot of times we are given a try at the steering wheel. Indeed, the Company’s confidence in us Management Trainees is manifested through the responsibilities and resources delegated to us. The manifold development program has also paired us with mentors and coaches, all of whom experienced managers we can learn from.

Granted, work is dynamic and the learning curve is steep, but if you embrace the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities, the rewards will not disappoint.

Noreen Wong

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