People Development

People Development

In the crucial task of building a team that is both superbly professional and thoroughly committed, we offer a comprehensive and competitive package of benefits meticulously designed to attract and retain the best people available, supported by a broad and diverse wellness and training program. In keeping with our proven "pay for performance" principles, outstanding employees receive salary increments and discretionary bonuses in addition to their regular packages. We are one of the few Hong Kong companies to grant share options to directors and executives as incentives and rewards for their contribution to the Company.


Staff Development

As a Company that has steadily carved out an enviable reputation as a responsible and caring employer, we see our staff as our most precious asset. We therefore operate innovative and diverse development programs to unlock their potential to the fullest extent.


Development Programs for Executives

Aiming to maintain our competitive advantage, we strive to unleash the potential of executive staff. Training programs are organized for executive staff to broaden their horizons, such as the Executive Exchange Program and study program at university.

The Executive Exchange Program for managerial staff from both our Hong Kong and Mainland offices includes a series of executive development activities such as meeting the Managing Director and senior executives, an Outward Bound program, and a project presentation. Through these activities, Hong Kong and Mainland colleagues are able to strengthen their team spirit and gain practical knowledge of modern leadership skills.

For instance, we collaborated with Tsinghua University, Beijing in 2016 to deliver a training program for executives with the purpose of grasping the latest market trends. Through this program, colleague broaden their horizon.

Management Trainee Program

Constantly building a pool of talented and professional managers to meet our current and future needs, we reach out to and select outstanding graduates from local and overseas universities to join our well established Management Trainee Program. Under this rounded program, trainees are attached to various divisions and departments in our Hong Kong and Mainland operations. They also attend a range of training and development programs such as training in business etiquette, leadership and personal development.

Please visit our Management Trainee Program page for more information.


Career Programs for Operational Staff

We recognize that training is desirable for staff not just at the management level but throughout the Company. As our core business includes providing professional property management services to tenants and customers alike, we are dedicated to offering a unique tailor-made training program for our frontline operational staff. Through this program, staff members gain valuable exposure to frontline operations at different types of properties. This hands-on approach has proved successful in equipping our staff with a thorough understanding of the operational procedures and comprehensive skill sets required in handling customer-facing work, enabling them to fulfill more diverse and challenging roles over time as well as providing all-important superior services for our customers.


Ongoing Training & Development

We believe in the value of training for staff not just at the entry level of the Company but throughout their career with Hang Lung. The Company’s Academy 66 program operates a variety of training and development initiatives to ensure our staff are well-qualified with the necessary skills and fully up to date with fast-moving changes within and outside the Company so they can meet their responsibilities promptly and with confidence.

The e-learning platform “eAcademy 66” on the Intranet features detailed convenient information at the Group level and from each of our Mainland offices, as well as an array of training materials.

Staff are entitled to subsidies to help cover costs of external training courses. We organize in-house programs on an on-going basis. Sample programs include compulsory annual refresher training on the latest security regulations, as well as workshops on handling complaints, leadership skills, EQ, and stress management.


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